Team Riders

Austin Barnett
Age: 21
Location: State College, PA
Setup: Incline Mohawk, 172mm Niko Buzzed Trucks, Phat Deanz Phat Rollz
Other Sponsors: Incline Longboards, Community Bikes and Boards

Niko Desmarais
Location: Quebec, Canada
Setup: Kebbek Niko Desmarais, 186mm Niko Buzzed Trucks, Abec 11 Wheels, Biltin Bearings
Other Sponsors: Predator Helmets, Free for All Skateshop, Abec 11
Favorite Quote: “Rain or shine.. just skate!”















Cam Brick
Age: 1990
Setup: Madrid Mercado Deck, 179mm Buzzed Trucks, Venom Wheels and Bushings
Shout Outs: Luke Melo, John Barnet, Mitch Martin Downie, Escarpment Surfers Crew
Other Sponsors: Venom, Madrid, Moon Pucks, Switchback Longboards,

Justin Rouleau
Age: 18
Location: ColoRADo
Setup: Madrid Skateboards, Buzzed Trucks, Venom Wheels and Bushings
Other Sponsors: Madrid Skateboards, West Hem Roll, Stoked Skateboards, Venom
Favorite Quote: “If you ever see me rollin in my drop top caddy, throw a peace sign and say hey pimp daddy

















Ludo Tremblay
Age: 1986
Location: Montreal, Canada
Setup: Rotule Desert Eagle, 179mm Buzzed Trucks
Favorite Passing Side: Opponent’s heelside, cause the never look there!
Other Sponsors: Ultimate Boardshop, Rotule Longboards
Favorite Quote: “Try, fail, learn, try again, succeed! Learn from your mistakes to achieve greatness!”

Name- Jeremy “JRaw” Ross
Age- 25
Location- Southeastern Massachusetts
Setup- Buzzed Trucks, Clutch Lambchop, V2 Phat rollz
Other Sponsors- Phat Deans, Soda Factory
Favorite Quote- “All I know is I know nothing” ~Sacretes
Favorite Chesse- Jarlsburg
















Name: Martin “Speedoff” Edoff
Age: 25
Location: Jönköping, Sweden
Setup: Lacey with Buzzed rakeless 179mm, Riptide bushings and yellow wheels
Other sponsors: Sector 9,
Favourite saying: Låta maten tysta mun

Name Kevin K-money LeFrank
Born ’87
location Montreal quebec canada
Setup: kebbek Proto, Buzzed V2 50*, Venom red barrels, RAD wheels
Other sponsors: Kebbek, FreeForAll online skateshop
Favorite saying: Snowboard rule; “if you look back in life, you’re bound to hit a tree”
Favorite Book: kobo …endless
Favorite cheese combo: brie and mozza
Hobbies: kite stealing…not easy