Flow Team Riders

Brandon DesJarlais:
Age: 17
Setup: Longboard Larry DK Penguin, Buzzed Trucks, Venom Cannibals, Venom Bushings
Other Sponsors: Longboard Larry, EDGE Boardshop, ADX Apparel
“I’m a fan of Gouda cheese”

Keolanui (Keola) Chu:
Age: 21
Setup: Longboard Larry Seacalf, 172mm Buzzed Trucks, Riptide Bushings, Any kine wheels
Favorite Quote: “So pitted”
Favorite Spot to Sesh: Tantalust, Pupukea
Shout Out: MSB Crew














Michael Virgin
Age: 14
Location: Columbus, OH
Setup: Original Drop Beast, 186mm Buzzed Trucks
Favorite Slide: The saucy ones!
Other Sponsors: Original Skateboards, Daddies Boardshop, Smith Brand Clothing, Outburst Energy Bites, G-Form

Scott Hurdleston:
Age: 84
Location: Lancaster, PA
Setup: Clutch Lambchop, 172mm Buzzed Trucks, Wheels
Favorite Quote: “Finish your wheels… there’s kids in India that don’t have any wheels.”
Other: Cheese Sucks















Daniel Hopwood
Age: 16
Location: Columbus, OH
Setup: Sector 9 Lacey, 186mm Buzzed Trucks, Round Wheels
“I don’t like apple sauce, it’s like an apple slushy.”

Johnny “Tarzan” Copley
Age: 23
Location: Penfield, OH
Setup: Incline Flat Top, 186mm Buzzed Trucks, Phat Deanz Phat Rollz
Other Sponsors: Incline Longboards, Ohio Downhill Skateboarding
Other Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving, Freediving, Dirt Biking

















Name: Martin C. Carmody
Age: 17
Location: NorCal
Setup: redrilled TuTone Megalodon v2, Buzzed v2 179mm with RipTide bushings, Abec 11 wheels
Other Sponsors: Abec 11, TuTone Skateboards, Black Diamond Sports, Riot Board Sports, RipTide Sports, Volk Apparel
Favorite Quote: “I say we ride some gravity” -Berkeley Downhill Productions

Name: Chris O’Brien
Age: 16
Location: Lower Hudson Valley, NY
Setup: Lifelong Specter, Buzzed Trucks, Slidey wheels
Other Sponsors: Arbor, Push Culture Apparel
Random Info: “eggs all day thank you”

















Name: El Jefe
Location: mansion in the 5th dimension, Ithaca NY
Setup: Comet Takeover Ltd edition R type, Buzzed Rakeless 179, Top Secret wheels crafted from precious unobtainothane
Quote: shouts out to the whole roylpurpz crew, Oldawgg the mastermind aka OD the mindraper, Kashta Shadydawg, Hester the Jester, Gods Present, Mr. Han and all my people who keeps it regal
Hobbies: Astral travel, burning stuff