Order Questions (4)

How long does it take for me to receive my order once it ships?

For orders in the United States, trucks and hangers are shipped Priority Mail through USPS. Priority Mail typically takes 2-3 days. All washer orders and spacer orders are shipped First Class Mail through USPS. First Class Mail typically takes about a week to receive.


For International orders, shipping typically takes about a week to 2 weeks for you to receive depending where you are locating.

Why does my account/credit card get charged immediately?

Since the only way we accept payments is through PayPal, we must abide to their terms. In order to successfully place the order, PayPal must first accept the payment.

Can I pay without a PayPal account?

Yes you can! You can click on the link below the login instructions that will allow you to purchase without logging into paypal.

How long does it take for my order to ship out?

Orders are typically shipped out within 1-2 business days of the initial purchase, unless noted in the product description. An email will be sent otherwise.

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Truck Questions (5)

Why do my bushings pop out of the bushing seat?

When bushings pop out of the seat, this typically means that you are using too hard of bushings. You will need to go down a couple duros and tighten your kingpin nut a little more. You will still have the same feel as the harder bushings, but your bushings will not be popping out of the bushing seat anymore.

Why don’t my trucks rebound back to center?

When you’re trucks aren’t rebounding back to center, this means your hangers are sticking in the pivot cup. All you have to do is lube your pivot cups and your problem will disappear. An Anti-Seize Lubricant would be ideal, but you can use dish soap, soap shavings, thick bearing lube, grease, chapstick, wax, etc.

Why are the pivot cups made from Delrin?

First off, the pivot on a hanger is strictly meant for allowing the hanger to pivot on a single, stationary axis. Delrin is a very hard material, which will allow for the hanger to only rotate on that axis and not move from side to side. Many people have heard about urethane pivot cups. The softer urethane pivot cups allow for side to side movement when turning, leading to a sloppy truck. We believe that a precision made delrin pivot cup is ideal for use in a precision truck.

What axle width should I select?

Most riders prefer 179mm or 186mm. The 179mm and 186mm widths are a good middle point between grip and slide. !72mm axles will give you the most grip, while 193mm will give you the least amount of grip.

How many washers do I need to run boardside?

Since we offer two different degrees when you flip the hangers on our regular trucks, you will need to use different amount of washers depending on which side you are on. On the 45 degree setting, you will typically need zero washers, although if you wanted a little extra restriction, you could run 1 cupped washer boardside. On the 49 degree setting, you will need to use 2 washers boardside. This will allow for the hanger to be parallel to the baseplate, which will result in equal bushing compression.

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Washer Questions (2)

How do I remove my bushings from my Amish Cupped Washers?

Sometimes your bushings may be tough to remove from your Amish Cupped Washers. You can try to remove them the same way as if you would remove a bearing from a wheel, but with your kingpin. If you can’t get them out that way, use a small, flathead screwdriver and pry them out.

Which size and shape Amish Washers should I purchase?

The 1″ washers are for barrels and the 1.1875″ washers are for FatCone/Chubbie sized bushings. Flat washers are the most common, but some riders prefer to use cupped washers for a little more restriction and less dive in your trucks.

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