V3 Mega Beefcakes


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  • A $20 Value!
  • Highly recommended!

17-4 SS Axles are $20 extra.

Sold as a set of 2 trucks.

Orders may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

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V3 Mega Beefcakes
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Product Description

Are you looking for a truck that excels in freeride and/or downhill? Then our V3′s are meant for you! Introducing our newest model, the Beefcake! We have perfected the design of a skateboard truck to give you incredible feel and stability.

The Mega Beefcakes are designed for those riders who shred their trucks really hard. These trucks are ideal for big kickers and heavy abuse. If you don’t do this type of riding, and are looking for a lighter truck, check out our Beefcakes!

-Hangers made from 7075 Aluminum (nearly twice as strong as competitor’s)
-Baseplates made from 6061 Aluminum (light and durable)
-Axles made from Stress-Proof Steel or 17-4 SS (nearly 3 times as strong as competitor’s)
-Rakeless Hangers (giving you a very natural feel underneath your feet)
-Perfected Bushing Seats (tight and shallow allowing for stability and lean)
-Urethane Pivot Cups from Riot Boardsports included
-165, 172, 179, 186, and 193mm width options (Many options to suit your preference!)
-Standard Baseplates for standard height bushings or Niko Baseplates for tall bushings

Add Amish Washers and ASSAPS Precision Spacers for only $15!

Washer configurations:

Standard Baseplates w/ Standard Height Bushings- 1 Washer Boardside
Niko Baseplates w/ Tall Bushings- 1 Washer Boardside
Niko Baseplates w/ Standard Height Bushings- 3 Washers Boardside

Shipping Insurance: We highly recommend purchasing shipping insurance if you are purchasing internationally. That way, if your trucks do become lost in transit for whatever reason, we can file a claim on your trucks. If you do not purchase shipping insurance, we are not responsible if your trucks are lost in transit.

Additional Information

V3 Hanger Color

Green, Orange

V3 Hanger Width

165mm, 172mm, 179mm, 186mm, 193mm


47/47 Niko, 47/47 Standard

Axle Material

Stress-Proof (Standard Material)